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Crown City Estate Sales

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We do not like Yelp. We think they have predatory business practices and it is a fact they have been sued multiple times, though they keep escaping judgement claiming free speech. Obviously, we are pro free speech, but one of the reasons they have been sued is that Yelp supposedly "filters" positive reviews and only show negative reviews unless business owners pay for their service. We don't like such practices and have tried to stay out of Yelp. However many people do write reviews for us. Unfortunately, true to their alleged business practices, all of our positive reviews have been "filtered" while a couple of complainers reviews are the only thing used for the official "yelp" star rating system. The filtered reviews are hard to find, and require entering a code before you can access. To counteract this, we made this page so people easily find the "filtered" reviews that are all 5 star made by other customers.

Crown City Estate Sale Yelp Reviews

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