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Vintage Paint By Numbers

Vintage Paint By Numbers

Hi Everyone, my name is Jade and I collect kitsch outdoor scene Paint By Numbers from the 1950s.

Paint by Numbers were popularized in the 1950's, everything that you needed to create an oil paint masterpiece work of art came in one box. In that box you received the cardboard on which there were light gray or blue lines marking off different areas. Inside each of these areas was a number and corresponding to each number was a color that you painted that numbered area with the paints that were included.

When I began my collection, I was just buying any paint by number that I could find and in the beginning they were pretty easy to find. Before I knew it I had a collection of 30 paint by numbers with a hodge podge of themes. I had animals, outdoor scenes, Japanese scenes, and sailboats just to name a few. This wouldn't have been a big deal if I lived in a house with ample wall space but I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I decided instead of having floor to ceiling paint by numbers on the wall I would have to consolidate to a particular theme. I choose to only collect paintings that reminded me of Wisconsin and the outdoors where I grew up. Currently I live in the Chicago area surrounded by strip malls, tall buildings and little to any trees, and these particular paintings remind me of my roots and that there are still woods with deer, creeks, old flour mills and open spaces out there.

  • paint1e
  • paint2e
  • paint3e
  • paint4e
  • paint5e

These kits were purchased by millions of people and finished paintings are out there online, in antique stores and if you're very lucky you could even score one at a thrift store. People have been doing other things with these paintings instead of just hanging them on the wall, my iphone cover is a scanned deer paint by number that is printed on a hard case. I have seen in magazines people scan them and turn them into beverage coasters, throw pillows, place mats and even enlarge them to make a mural on a wall.

I have been collecting these now for four years and every time I go into an antique store, to a flea market or thrift store I look for them and am finding them increasingly harder to find. People seem to be more attracted now to these kitsch handcrafted works of art.

Well I hope you all enjoyed learning about and seeing one of my personal collections. Do any of you collect paint by numbers?

Guest blog by Jade from Junkindatrunkgirls.etsy.com | Facebook.com/junkindatrnkgrl">Facebook
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