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Karen - Fluffer - Goofy - Textiles and Vintage Boots

Karen - Vintage Linen Collector - Dealer

Hi, my name is Karen, those who come to the Crown City Estate Sales know me as “The Fluffer”. Some of you might even know me as Goofy. I am the one at checkout usually having the panic attack, or you might remember me for being the one that can talk a mile a minute because I have had my iced coffee. (I haven’t timed it or anything, but I bet I can compete with the voice over guys that have to say all that lawyer like stuff at the end of car commercials. On Mountain Dew, I bet I can beat them).

I have been working for Crown City for a couple of years. I have a little OCD problem where I like to organize stuff, constantly. I like to organize just about anything, but my favorites things are clothing and linens (office stuff, not so much). I am what some would call a fabricaholic (some people call me crazy, but I ignore them!). I love anything that revolves around fabric, whether it be clothing, linens, fabric, or all the accessories that are associated with these items. I started collecting buttons when I was 10 and progressed to hankies, lace, Victorian clothing, and Harrison Fisher pictures by the time I was 13.

At 13 my goal in life was to have in my possession a pair of Victorian boots. I have about 5 pairs of Victorian boots at this time. Who knew that my love of boots (the kind that I can actually wear) continues to this day (I am not going to tell you how many pairs of boots I have, I am actually afraid to count them, let’s just say I have “a few” and leave it at that!).

Through the years my love of collecting fabric and fashion hasn’t changed. I have added collecting patterns to the mix, they are a great way of chronicling the style changes of each year.

Right now I am focusing on participating in a quilt show in Burbank run by the Glendale quilt guild. I will be bringing vintage fabric, second hand fabric (fabric that has previously been bought by people but never used), vintage quilts, and sewing accessories. If anyone is interested it is March 15, 16, 17, at the Airport Marriott in Burbank, CA.

Crown City Estate Sales will be having an estate sale that weekend also. I am going to thank you in advance for not messing up the clothing and linens as I won’t be there to “fluff” them. Well, that is all for now. This is my first blog, sorry if I tend to ramble (somehow I think a blog is shorter than a page?)

Anyway, if you have any questions you would like to ask, just let me know. And as always, food and iced coffee are always acceptable bribes at the estate sales (just kidding).

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