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Collectors Corner

Many of the people on our staff have a passion about one particular vintage collectible or antique, as do many, many of our buyers and regular customers. Part of collecting is sharing knowledge, experience and love of the thing. We invite all of our customers and staff to guest blog here in Collectors Corner. Please do leave comments and start a dialogue with other other collectors and share the love. Enjoy.

New Antique Gun Collecting Article

Check out my latest article about gun collecting tips over at EstateSale.Company.

Antique gun collecting tips

Antique Firearms: Separating the Genuine from the Fake

There are a number of reasons to collect antique firearms. Many do it for the mechanical features and artistic displays, while others enjoy the history and practical functionality. Whatever it is that whets your appetite for antique gun collecting, it is important to have the ability to spot genuine firearms from fake reproductions.

Antique Firearm Collecting

Experts believe firearms were invented in China during the 14th century. This innovation came long after the creation of gunpowder - some five centuries earlier. Firearms eventually worked their way west toward the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

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A Look at Doll Collecting - Tips on Doll Collecting

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Collecting dols modern vintage antique

Modern, Vintage, Antique, Oh my! A Look at Doll Collecting

Do you think all doll collecting is equal? It’s time to think again. Doll manufacturing has a rich history spanning more than 200 years, and as a result there are dozens of different areas of expertise. Doll collectors rarely collect “dolls.” They usually specifically collect “European dolls,” “Barbie collectibles,” “plastic dolls,” or “celebrity dolls,” for example. Serious doll collectors typically find an area they are interested in and pursue that particular niche. While category lines can be drawn around almost any feature, there are broad classifications all collectors must understand before entering the world of doll collecting.

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A guide to Mid-Century modern collecting

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A Beginners Guide to  	Mid-Century Modern Furniture


A Beginners Guide to Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Who would have thought the everyday furniture in your home during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s would turn out to be collector items in the 21st century? It may seem an odd form of collecting, but it is rather popular among American collectors.

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Tips about collecting antique tools

Here's another article we wrote over on EstateSale.company.
Tips About Collecting Antique and Vintage Tools
Tips About Collecting Antique and Vintage Tools
Whether you are a handyman or merely wish you were, collecting antique tools is interesting and enjoyable. For the financially savvy individual, it can also be a rewarding investment opportunity. Tools hold a special place in the world of collectables because they are the father of all other antiques. Whether it is paintings, pottery, statues, furniture, or any number of other items, tools were required for their creation.

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Tips for collecting vintage magazines

Check out our latests article over at EstateSale.company..
Antique Magazine Collectors Guide
Antique Magazines: The Difference between Dust Collector and Collectable

Antique magazines are a popular choice for collectors of all ages, but what exactly makes a magazine a collectable? There are thousands of different publications scattered around homes, stored in dusty boxes, and filed away on bookshelves, but what is it that makes one magazine worth money and another a waste of space? The answer to this question lies in the colorful history of magazines.
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A Unique Boutique. A Local Gift Giving Hot Spot in Phoenix, Arizona. Voted as being Arizona's #1 Antique Mall

Hey, Collectors. Going to Phoenix any time soon? Be sure to check out a Unique Boutique!

A Unique Boutique is inside Phoenix, Arizona's Brass Armadillo Antique Mall and is located at 12419 N. 28th Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85029 and we cater specifically to the collectors mind. Not only do we hold a wide variety of interesting and rare antiques that you will surely not find in any other location, but we are also home to some of the most unique gifts available.

Let’s face it. Gift giving is not generally considered to be a pleasant past time for many people, especially when it comes to that one person in your life that is relatively impossible to buy for.

The story typically continues with the explanation that that person already has it all, or that that person is simply too picky in their tastes to be bought for. If you are currently finding yourself in this same predicament, then it is recommended that you come take a look at the fantastic items that our shop has to offer to our loyal customers. If you do not live within driving distance of the Phoenix area, do not worry, as our products are also available for purchase online and are actually seen in 100 countries.

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Vintage Paint By Numbers

Vintage Paint By Numbers

Hi Everyone, my name is Jade and I collect kitsch outdoor scene Paint By Numbers from the 1950s.

Paint by Numbers were popularized in the 1950's, everything that you needed to create an oil paint masterpiece work of art came in one box. In that box you received the cardboard on which there were light gray or blue lines marking off different areas. Inside each of these areas was a number and corresponding to each number was a color that you painted that numbered area with the paints that were included.

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Tip for collecting Americana in California

Tips for collecting Americana In California

Here in California the search for American antiques is both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge derives from the fact that there are far fewer early American antiques here than back East, regardless of whether one is looking for early country pieces, folk art, Victorian furniture, or whatever. Most of what Americana collectors seek was made back East and stayed there. But challenges also present opportunities, which in this case is that there are far fewer collectors of Americana here in California than in, say, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania -- and thus far less competition in the often heated pursuit of the next treasure. The trick then in finding what you want entails abiding by a simple rule of thumb: Find people (dealers) who know who the collectors are and who, with an ear always to the ground, know what might lie around the corner. The same advice applies to those who might want to sell Americana in California. Doing so on your own is likely to result in a level of frustration that leads one to accept less than fair value for what you have. Best to again find that dealer ‘in the know’, expert in what sells well here versus what is best consigned to some national internet outlet.

Karen - Fluffer - Goofy - Textiles and Vintage Boots

Karen - Vintage Linen Collector - Dealer

Hi, my name is Karen, those who come to the Crown City Estate Sales know me as “The Fluffer”. Some of you might even know me as Goofy. I am the one at checkout usually having the panic attack, or you might remember me for being the one that can talk a mile a minute because I have had my iced coffee. (I haven’t timed it or anything, but I bet I can compete with the voice over guys that have to say all that lawyer like stuff at the end of car commercials. On Mountain Dew, I bet I can beat them).

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